Travis Barker: Gracias a todo el mundo

Travis Barker ha dado las gracias a todos aquellos que le han estado apoyando desde el pasado día 20 de Septiembre cuando sobrevivió a un trágico accidente de avión donde fallecieron 4 personas. Travis, que fue trasladado al hospital de Los Ángeles para seguir su recuperación (quemaduras de segundo y tercer grado en manos y piernas) ha colgado un extenso mensaje en su Myspace donde agradece a sus familiares, amigos y fans el trato que está recibiendo. También hace mención especial para  su mejor amigo y manager Chris Baker y Charles ‘Che’ Still, que murieron en el accidente.

Afirma el batería que ya puede mover todos los dedos de la mano derecha y que espera ansioso recuperarse para volver a casa con sus hijos. También se muestra satisfecho por volver a comer carne. Nombra muchos de sus amigos que le han ido a ver, entre ellos Mark Hoppus (bajista de blink182). Quien parece que todavía no ha ido es Tom Delonge, cosa que me entristece un poco.

En el Myspace, Travis ha colgado las tres fotos del post, donde se le ve en la cama del hospital. Os dejo el texto completo (inglés)  a continuación.

Thank you

I want to give my deepest thanks to everyone who has helped deal with the current situation. First and foremost, Chris and Che were my friends. I would give up anything to have them here with us today, healthy and happy. To call them my employees does them such a disservice, as they were so much more than that. Chris was my best friend before anything else, and I can never put into words how much he will be missed. Che was an amazing person as well, and I was honored to have him in my life.

I am simply amazed and will be forever grateful for all the support everyone has shown to Chris and Che’s families. Its a testament to how many lives they touched in a positive way.

Hospital Life!

Like the doctors said from the beginning, its been a slow recovery process. I am coming up on the 7th of my surgeries Monday. Today I finally was able to move all my fingers on my right hand. Every step seems huge at this point, and Im doing EVERYTHING I can possibly do to get back to my kids. Yes, I did start eating meat again, but if it helps me to be home holding my little humans sooner, then its all worth it. The staff here are all bomb! Dr. Grossman and his staff are the best. The BOSS Barbara, and nurses Betty, Jay , Emily, Julio, Lolita, and Stephanie (with the best scrubs ever!) are all taking the best care of me.

My good friend Armen has been kind enough to save me from the hospital food, and brings Jamba Juice, Wahoos, or whatever else I need to keep my calories and protein levels high.

Despite any rumors you might have heard, Ive been treated amazingly well, both here in LA and in Georgia. The hospitals Ive been treated at are THE BEST.

My friends and family have been amazing. My pops has been with me ANY time I need him. My sisters, James, Skinhead Rob, Daniel, Hoover, Armen and of course Ricardo and Nicole, have all shown amazing support. JD and Mark Hoppus both took the time to come visit and offer their support as well. Estevan Oriol even came in with a calendar.

Saying “thank you” to all these guys just wouldn’t be enough…

I got to see AM the other day. Seeing him after he was discharged was an inspiration. I saw just how awesome the doctors’ work here is, and got to see how well he is doing. I am so happy to see him doing well, and we are both so lucky and grateful that we are alive today.

Im even using some of this time to help design the summer ’09 Famous line. Maxx, Jose, Bill have been awesome helping to keep the machine going. These are some seriously dedicated people, and Im lucky to call them friends.

Now Im just counting the days until I can leave. I cant wait to get home to play drums with my son, and go for bike rides with my daughter. I cant wait to see the pictures from Landon’s “Jack and Sally Nightmare Before Christmas” birthday party that we had for him today. I am bummed that I couldn’t be there, but thank God Ill be around to see many, many more.

Thank you everyone for your support!


2 Responses to “Travis Barker: Gracias a todo el mundo”

  1. 1 peregrino 16 octubre, 2008 en 11:46 pm

    Cambiará su estilo de vida, esta experiencia le habrá enseñado algo?


    Nos leemos.

  2. 2 madidu 7 enero, 2009 en 10:19 pm

    bueno yo no creo q deba cambiar su estilo de vida ni nada x el estilo simplemente fue una desgracia con suerte y nada más…………..ademas el venia de tocar osea de su trabajo q es lo q le gusta y yo no creo q deba aprender nada ni cojer experiencia más vale den gracias a Dios de q despúes de todo y su recuperación esta bien y no le paso nada…….


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